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What the Australian Sugar Milling Council Does

The Milling Council’s purpose is to drive a profitable and sustainable sugar industry through dynamic industry leadership, strong and effective advocacy and creating new opportunities for the sugar industry.  Milling Council staff work with our members, other industry organisations and government to enhance the commercial development and build the value of the sugar industry in Australia.

The Milling Council’s strategy map for the period 2012 – 2015 describes the co-delivery of a sugar industry vision through a highly engaged Board of Directors, staff and stakeholders.

Achievement of the vision involves five stated goals:

Goal 1 – Industry Responsive Government Policy and Programs

Goal 2 – Streamlined Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Goal 3 – Continuous Improvement in Industry Performance

Goal 4 – Enhanced Trade and Market Competitiveness

Goal 5 – A Sugar Industry that is Valued for its Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts