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Research & Development

The Australian sugar industry has benefited substantially and consistently by maintaining and funding specific research and development resources and subsequently applying the accumulated knowledge and experience. However, it can also be said that the sugar industry has not matched the productivity improvements that have occurred in other agricultural industries despite high levels of investment in sugarcane RD&E, as evidenced by agricultural and industry benchmarks.

RD&E investment funds available from government and industry are limited and sustaining critical mass in RD&E is of major importance for our industry.

The Milling Council believes:

  • That RD&E needs to be both market responsive and performance driven with the focus being on delivering real outcomes from this investment;
  • Collaborative and focused research, technological development and its subsequent application is of strategic importance to the industry.

The Milling Council supports:

  • An industry research priority setting process convened through The Australian Sugar Industry Alliance (ASA) that develops strategies and priorities for industry research through an industry-driven process. The priority setting system should consider the need for strategic research along with issues of potential return on investment and probability of success and adoption as integral components.