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Dominic Nolan - Chief Executive Officer

Dominic Nolan has been the Chief Executive Officer since February 2009.

In addition to overall responsibility for the Milling Council’s operations, Dominic’s main efforts centre on political advocacy and engagement, and collaborative efforts with other key industry stakeholders. A particular focus for the Milling Council and Dominic is delivering whole of supply chain advocacy and programs through the Australian Sugar industry Alliance.

Prior to joining the Milling Council Dominic’s work has covered:

  • Policy development and implementation
  • Advocacy and communications
  • Government affairs
  • Strategic planning at an organisational and industry-wide level
  • Crisis and issues management

Former roles include the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia based in Canberra and Adelaide , the Cattle Council of Australia based in Canberra, and other research and policy related roles.

Dominic has a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics from the University of Queensland and an MBA from the Australian National University.