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Clear signals needed on Government’s biofuels ambitions | 17 July 2024

In its submission to the Federal Government consultation on the Transport and Infrastructure Net Zero Roadmap, the Australian Sugar Milling Council has highlighted that the window to establish a domestic biofuels capacity is fast closing without government signals and incentives to establish a market. “Aviation, maritime movements, long-haul freight and even agriculture have very littl...
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National feedstock strategy needed for Australia to be a power in biofuels | 12 July 2024

The Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC) has highlighted the need for a national feedstock strategy if Australia is genuine about developing a domestic capability in biofuels. “We support Australia’s biofuels ambition, as sugar can provide close to 10% of Australia’s sustainable aviation fuel needs through the use of sugar byproducts alone, and a significant portion of the market i...
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Engagement on Renewable Energy Zones is not social license | 24 June 2024 

In its submission to Powerlink’s consultations on Renewable Energy Zones (REZs), the Australian Sugar Milling Council has cautioned Powerlink and the Queensland Government that community engagement is a necessary but not sufficient exercise in securing the renewables sector’s social license. With concerns around maintaining land under cane, greater respect for what constitutes good...
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