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Sugar Policy Insights | Dec 2019

Sugar Policy Insights Dec 2019
The December 2019 issue looks at electricity affordability and reliability and how the sugar industry’s potential contribution is being overlooked. According to ASMC, under the right policy and  commercial settings, electricity generated from cane biomass can address the dual concerns of affordability and reliability, but it will require detailed investig...
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Queensland raw sugar production reaches 2 million tonnes milestone

Sugar export
17 September 2019 | Queensland’s 21 sugar mills have manufactured over 2 million tonnes of raw sugar to date this season according to the Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC). With more than 50% of this season’s sugarcane already harvested, the mills have been operating 24/7 to crush this year’s cane crop and produce raw sugar. The majority of Queensland’s raw sugar production is exported...
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Industry Stunned as India Approves Mega Package to Support Sugar Exports

Efficient raw sugar loading systems at Queensland ports
The Indian government today (29 August 2019) approved a contentious A$1.3 billion export subsidy of A$216/tonne to help its sugar industry export more than 6 million tonnes over the next year. “We are stunned by this development, just days after the WTO formally established Dispute Panels to investigate the legality of India’s sugar subsidies,” said David Pietsch, CEO of the Australian Sugar Mi...
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