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Industry applauds Government action at WTO on Indian sugar

The Australian sugar industry strongly supports this week’s definitive action by the Australian Government to lodge a counter notification at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to rein in the trade distortive subsidies being paid by the Indian Government to its sugar industry. “The market is currently awash with subsidised sugar and the subsequent low prices are causing hardship to the Australi...
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Sugar Policy Insights 1

The first edition of Sugar Policy Insights outlines key policy and market issues of importance to the viability of Australia’s sugar industry including the case against subsidised sugar and India: the need to challenge and reform. Both topics link to an ASMC commissioned, in-depth analysis on global sugar prices (8 November 2018). Sugar Policy Insights also discusses why the Code...
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Ratification of TPP-11 Positive News for Australian Sugar

New export opportunities will be available for Australian raw sugar thanks to ratification of the  Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP-11) by the Australian government today (31 October 2018). The TPP agreement improves the terms of access for Australian sugar into Japan, Mexico, Canada, Vietnam and Malaysia. Importantly, the terms for sugar exports to Japan go beyond the gains achieved in t...
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