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Sugar Policy Insights

ASMC's Sugar Policy Insights (SPI) publication takes an in-depth look at policy issues of importance to the Australian sugar industry. The October 2021 edition of the Australian Sugar Milling Council's Sugar Policy Insights highlights:  • ASMC's Target 34 paper outlines the importance of achieving 34 million tonnes (T34) of consistent Queensland cane supply per annum, a potential pathway, and...
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Presentation at the Sugaronline Global Sugar Summit – Revitalising Australian Sugar

On 27 March 2019, David Rynne, Director of Economics, Policy and Trade at the Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC) gave a presentation that was streamed live to a global audience.  Mr Rynne highlighted the challenges the Australian sugar sector is addressing to avoid being left behind by its competitors. ASMC believes that an Industry-Government Strategic Plan is needed to ensure the...
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Sugar Policy Insights Feb 2019

Does the sugar industry need to diversify to revitalise its potential?
The February 2019 edition of Sugar Policy Insights poses the question 'Where next for Australian raw sugar?' and takes an indepth look at the need for an industry-wide Revitalisation Strategy. Sugar Policy Insights also looks at: the Indonesian sugar market 'in focus' and  CEO, David Pietsch outlines ASMC's federal election priorities. ASMC's Sugar Policy Insights outlines ...
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