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What the Australian Sugar Milling Council Does

The Sugar Milling Council works with its members, other industry organisations and government to develop and promote policies that enhance the commercial development of the sugar industry in Australia.  We manage emerging industry issues and help to build an operating and a regulatory environment that promotes profitable growth in the sugar industry and the wider economy.

We work to ensure sugar milling is profitable, sustainable and can continue to play a pivotal role in the global sugar value chain. Sugar mills are pivotal to the economic vitality of the rural economy, particularly along the coastal regions of Queensland.

To compete successfully in the world market, Australia’s sugar mills must remain profitable.  Members are harnessing leading-edge R&D to develop diversified sugarcane products – from biofuels to bioplastics.  We are recognised as global leaders in environmental sustainability, and have a proud history built on reliable, stable supply and dynamic and cooperative industry leadership.

ASMC’s strategic plan for 2016 -2018 identified the following four key objectives

  • Accelerating market growth and viability
  • Risk-management of key industry challenges
  • Driving the industry’s future as a leading peak body in agriculture
  • Restoring the relevance and reputation of the sugar industry.