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Sugar Facts – Cane Railways

Queensland’s sugar mills own, run and invest heavily to maintain the cane rail infrastructure.

Cane Rail Facts

  • Total track length – 4,000km
  • Number of locomotives: 250 (all diesel hydraulic)
  • Number of bins: 52,000 (four wheel and bogie)
  • Bin capacity: 4 tonnes to 14 tonnes
  • Locomotive power: 520 kilowatts
  • Longest run: 119 km, typical run: 13 kms up to 35 kms.
  • Loco top speed: 40 km/h
  • Load weight: up to 2000 tonnes
  • Train length: up to 1 kilometre.

Public and employee safety is a priority every crushing season for sugar milling companies.  Public awareness campaigns help to minimise any safety risks.

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