WTO panel puts Indian sugar subsidies in the spotlight

Loading Australian raw sugar for export
12 July 2019:  Joint ASMC and CANEGROWERS Media Release (and updated FAQ) The Australian sugar industry has united behind the government’s escalation of action against illegal Indian sugar subsidies. Australia, Brazil and Guatemala have jointly lodged a request with the World Trade Organisation’s Dispute Settlement Body to establish a WTO Panel to investigate and rule on whether India’s...
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Opportunities to Diversify

Sugar mill busy crushing at the height of the Australian season
28 June 2019  Diversifying Sugar Revenues – a Case for Optimism  A new report funded by Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has completed an in-depth investigation into possible ways to add value to the raw sugar supply chain. The authors of the report, Lazuli Consulting, tapped into the expertise of staff at Australia’s sugar mills to explore the market, investment and technology ba...
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