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Policy & Advocacy


Sugar Mill

The Milling Council provides a policy advocacy platform for its members, covering a wide range of policy instruments and legislation.  These include environment and resource management, sustainability, urban and regional planning, work place health and safety, transport, energy, research and development, international trade and industrial relations.

Government policy direction can critically enable or stall the future of the Australian Sugarcane industry.  Industry stakeholders interact with a range of policies through every tier of government.


Environment and Natural Resources

Maintaining a focus on best practice Environmental and Resource Management is critical to the long term sustainability of the Australian Sugar Milling Industry. The Milling Council provides a forum for its members to pursue their environmental and resource goals.
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People & Safety

The People & Safety Committee is the sugar milling company coordinating body whose aim it is to collaborate and drive innovation in performance on people issues across the sugar milling industry.
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Research and Development

The sugar industry has benefited substantially and consistently by maintaining specific research and development resources and subsequently applying the accumulated knowledge and experience. However, it can also be said that the sugar industry has not matched the productivity improvements that have occurred in other agricultural industries despite high levels of investment in sugar RD&E, as evidenced by agricultural and industry benchmarks.
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Trade and Market Access

Click here to access The Milling Council’s current policy relating to Trade and Market Access
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