The Australian Sugar Industry Alliance (ASA) was formed late in 2007. The focus of ASA is to promote and advance the development of a commercially vibrant, sustainable and self reliant raw sugar and sugar cane derived products industry.

The Alliance is the conduit for the development and promotion of policy advancing the commercial development of the Australian sugar industry through engagement with government, industry, service providers, community and other stakeholders and providing leadership to advance sugar industry self-reliance, sustainability and viability.

The Australian Sugar Milling Council and Queensland CANEGROWERS were the founding members ofASA and provided the initial directors, secretariat services and financial resources.

ASA’s main objects include:

  • to promote an open international market for sugar and other products derived from sugarcane by:
  • partnering with the Australian Government;
  • supporting free and open markets and trade;
  • participating in and supporting the activities of the Global Alliance for Sugar Trade and Liberalisation or other like organisations; and
  • to foster relations with international sugar industry participants.
  • to promote effective RD&E including the adoption of research outcomes by:
  • developing industry RD&E priorities;
  • promoting the efficient and effective use of industry RD&E resources; and
  • promoting innovation and the adoption of RD&E outcomes throughout the industry.

Membership of the Australian Sugar Alliance has continued to increase since its formation.  Regional bodies from the Central region and the Herbert have formed and are represented on the Board of the Alliance.

The current ASA Directors are:

  • Owen Menkens (Chair)
  • Jannik Olejas (Deputy Chair) 
  • Greg Beashel
  • Mark Mammino
  • Joseph Marano
  • Rowena McNally
  • Don Murday
  • Shayne Rutherford