Raw Sugar Facts

Our Factsheets are a handy summary of key facts and interesting information about sugar production in Australia.

Sugar Milling in Australia

This Sugar Manufacturing in Australia infographic provides a map of the sugar regions and a quick overview of sugar industry key facts and figures.

The On the Move factsheet explains how sugarcane travels to the sugar mill. Cane trains hauling freshly cut sugarcane are a familiar sight along the Queensland coast during the production season.  Read more

Paddock to Plate

The How is Raw Sugar Made factsheet explains the journey from sugarcane seedling to sugar. You can also find more information here.

Co generated Electricity

This Factsheet explains how Australian sugar mills generate electricity and steam to power operations by burning the fibrous cane by-product called bagasse.  Read more


Bioethanol is also produced from sugarcane and its by-product, molasses.

In Australia, one of ASMC’s sugar milling members produces pure and methylated ethanol for a wide range of applications such as the printing industry, cosmetics, toiletries, household cleaners, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, flavours and fragrances and surface coatings. Read more 

Do you have more questions about sugar?

Is sugar…? is a website put together by CANEGROWERS and the Australian Sugar Milling Council to provide clear, accurate and straight-forward answers to your questions.  Go to www.sugar.org.au