Industry Factsheets

Our four short industry factsheets can help you learn more about sugar milling and the Australian sugar industry.  

Sugar manufacturing in Australia

This short infographic summarises key facts and figures including the average amount of raw sugar produced and exported each year and the number of people employed in the industry. Have a look at our pages on this website for more facts and figures and details in our economic report.

How is raw sugar made

Provides a simple, step by step summary of the sugar milling process.  An older, moe technical summary of the sugar production process is available here.

Queensland’s cane rail & raw sugar on the move

This factsheet looks at the ways sugar is transported and explains more about the private rail network that hauls sugarcane from paddock to sugar mill – a familiar sight to locals and visitors alike along the Queensland coast.

Sugar mills: a source of renewable power

The fourth factsheet explains how sugar mills generate renewable electricity using cane fibre is used as a fuel.

 Sugar Made How Making Processing RawASMC cane rail sugar transport