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Trade & Market Access

The Sugar Milling Council actively promotes improved global trading and market access opportunities for raw sugar on behalf of our members.

Over the coming months, ASMC will work closely with stakeholders to develop an Industry Trade Strategy.  The Strategy will be a five year blueprint for addressing market distortions as well as identifying new market opportunities. 

With a relatively small domestic market, access to the export market is critically important and policies affecting trade can significantly affect our global competitivenesRaw sugars and viability.

The Australian sugar industry works closely with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, and with other like-minded global sugar producers to address barriers to trade and to access new markets.  We also devote significant resources and analytical capability to this area.  Our goal is to promote trade liberalisation and compliance with international trading laws so that countries that are low cost and efficient, including Australia, are rewarded through efficient global prices and growing market share.

While short-term market distortions can impede our competitiveness, the global outlook for sugar is strong.  


Sugar is produced in more than 120 countries.  Most of these countries protect their sugarcane and sugar beet growers and their sugar manufacturing industries using domestic price support and export and/or import protection mechanisms such as tariffs, quotas or a combination of such market distortive measures.

Because Australian cane growers and sugar manufacturers do not receive government assistance and despite being low cost by global standards, such permanent or temporary support mechanisms have the potential to create a highly distorted and unfair trading environment for Australian sugar.

Favourable opportunities to grow our markets and optimise our exports exist through regional and bi-lateral free trade agreements. The recently negotiated Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership (CPTPP or TPP-11) was an important agreement for the Australian sugar industry,.  In addition to other benefits, it consolidated Australia‚Äôs competitiveness into the premium Japanese market.