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Safety Update

People & Safety Committee Members collaborate to:

  • Gather and compare Industry Safety & People Reporting data. The People and Safety Committee monitor performance by producing reports that demonstrate company performance, against Sugar Milling Industry average and external manufacturing benchmarks.
  • These charts are in the areas of:-
    • Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR),
    • Medical Treatment Injury Frequency Rate (MTIFR)
    • Reportable Injury Frequency Rate (RIFR).
  • The People & Safety Committee work with Safety Managers at an industry level to develop strategies, to facilitate improved company safety performance through activities such as:-
    • Facilitation of innovation through sharing risk information amongst member safety managers and seeking input from outside industries.
    • Identifying key problem areas and undertaking micro analysis to determine cause and potential solutions.
    • Engage key personnel from areas such as government regulators to ensure that the Sugar Milling Industry is seen as a proactive manager of safety and people performance.
  • Organize the annual Safety Conference.