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Industry Wide Training

People & Safety Committee Members collaborate to Coordinate Industry Wide Training initiatives, such as:

  • Input into Vocational Education Training Frameworks review and re-write of Training Package relevant to Sugar Milling.  This is actioned through an Industry Reference Committee (IRC) role to develop a four year workplan and refresh that workplan annually. The IRC workplan will be comprised of two parts:
  1.  industry analysis including qualitative and quantitative data, an analysis of new and emerging skills, and associated training needs for an industry
  2.  a proposed plan for reviewing and developing the relevant training products.

The IRC workplan will be submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee to inform the development of a four-year rolling National Schedule of training package development and review work. More information is available here:

  • Sharing information amongst members on skills gaps and development solutions.
  • Work with key stakeholders such as SRI, QUT and SRA to improve the service offering to Sugar Mills.