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Tackling Australia’s Obesity Challenge

Obesity and its associated health concerns are serious issues in Australia. Reducing obesity needs to be a high priority for everyone including the sugar industry. 

The Australian Sugar Milling Council believes:

  • Obesity is a serious issue that needs a combination of solutions.
  • We realise many Australians struggle to balance the energy consumed in their diets and the energy burned when they move.
  • While over-consumption of sugar-sweetened foods and drinks can add to health issues, we believe sugar can be enjoyed in moderate amounts as part of in a balanced diet, as outlined in the Australian Dietary Guidelines.
  • While we recognise we have an interest in preventing a sugar tax, we also genuinely believe it is not the best approach to resolving serious health issues, including obesity.
  • While a simple tool, a tax on sugar or other financial measures that focus on a single ingredient in our diet is unlikely to change people‚Äôs deep-seated consumption attitudes and behaviours.
  • We believe a better solution would be to provide more support and information to people on the risks involved in eating a poor diet, including too much sugar, so individuals can make educated decisions about what they eat.
  • The sugar industry wants to work with government, the food industry and health professionals to develop measures that promote a lasting change to more balanced and healthier diets.