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Global sugar glut dampens optimism for crush season 2019

Sugar mill in FNQ, manufacturing raw sugar and electricity
29 May 2019: Australian sugar mills are completing their final checks and tests in readiness for the start of crushing and sugar manufacturing, which will run from June through to late November for most. The Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC) says the nation’s 24 sugar mills are expected to manufacture less than the 4.7 million tonnes of raw sugar produced in 2018. “Good news is a littl...
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Sugar Code review a missed opportunity

Trucks full of raw sugar leaving a sugar mill in Australia's Burdekin district
Australia’s sugar millers are frustrated by the Federal Government’s decision today to retain a mandatory Sugar Code of Conduct. The decision is all the more exasperating because the Code review recommendations reflected all the points made in the Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC) submission. ASMC CEO, David Pietsch said “our submission specifically called for: The Code to be re...
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