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Environment & Natural Resources

The Sugar Milling Council:

  • Supports the pursuit of the concept of sustainable development – development of the sugar industry that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs;
  • Aims to develop closer cooperation and understanding between the sugar industry, business, government, the community and other organisations concerned with the environment and sustainable development in sugar regions; and support the sharing of responsibility for the long-term protection of the environment with these stakeholders;
  • Will embrace policies that take into account the fundamental need for the sugar industry to operate profitably and competitively; and
  • Supports and encourages efforts to inform regulators and the community about the industry’s environmental initiatives, and about the impacts and economic implications of industry activity, including the benefits of using renewable resources.

The Milling Council’s Environment Charter

  • Members of the Australian Sugar Milling Council operate sugar mills at 16 different locations throughout Queensland. We share values that guide our policies, our relationships, and our approach to business.
  • Our members are committed to sustainable agricultural and business practices. We continually strive to reduce our environmental footprint, recycle our waste and increase our resource efficiency. We are committed to exceeding our compliance obligations by enhancing the environment and communities we operate in.
  • ASMC members embrace teamwork, harnessing our joint expertise to develop and share environmental management success and improvements across our industry.
  • Members promote environmental stewardship and increased environmental awareness to preserve and protect the gifts of nature so that they may be used and enjoyed by future generations.