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MSF Sugar comes to the rescue of Mossman canegrowers | 19 June 2024

The Australian Sugar Milling Council’s CEO, Ash Salardini, has expressed his relief and delight that MSF Sugar and the Queensland Government have provided a way forward for Mossman growers to transport and crush their cane.

“We are delighted that growers will have an option to crush their cane, thanks to the efforts of MSF Sugar and the Queensland Government. The announcement by Premier Miles and Minister Furner today is great news for growers and the broader Mossman community.”  

Mr Salardini noted that the announcement reinforces the economic and social value of the milling sector.

“Sugar mills are a significant contributor to the employment and economic well-being of regional communities, and MSF Sugar has really stepped up in providing a solution for Mossman growers and has provided some much-needed good news to the Mossman community” said Mr Salardini.

“The reality is that without the sugar milling sector, we don’t have a sugar industry, and Queensland loses its second largest agricultural export.”

“There are so many opportunities in the sugar industry, whether its expanding into new markets on the international trade front, or the exploitation of new opportunities in biomaterials, sustainable aviation fuel or the production of renewable electricity through cogeneration.”

However, I am afraid that the Mossman mill closure is emblematic of a broader set of challenges facing the sugar manufacturing sector. If we are to continue to grow Queensland’s regional economies, our contribution and concerns can no longer be under-valued”.

The challenges in transporting the Mossman cane this year highlights the need for Federal and Queensland governments to step up their investment in upgrading Queensland’s cane railway network which provides a huge public good benefit that has been largely neglected by Government over time.

“The significant challenges in transporting Mossman cane should be a reminder that governments should be looking to significantly up their investment in the industry’s freight infrastructure that underpins one of Queensland’s largest freight tasks.”  

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